What is the best blackberry to get if I have Verizon?


Im looking to upgrade my cellphone, I have verizon and im looking to get a blackberry. Which blackberry would you recomend.

Unlocked Nokia 5800

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  1. Blackberry Pearl. I know someone who has the new Blackberry Storm and he hates it because it is way to slow for its acclaimed 3g speed.

  2. storm
    it has touch screen and alot of people luv it :) plzz answer mine


  4. Here’s my 2 cents. The Pearl has a lousy, small keyboard. The Storm has been reported with LOTS of glitches and lockups. Personally, I have a Curve and it’s very reliable. I got rid of my iPhone for it and am seriously glad I did. I got mine from the site in the resource box..Good luck.

  5. As a 8330 Curve User I would recommend it.

    The Storm just came out so it will have its respective glitches.
    If you into texting and emails then the qwerty keyboard is for you. The virtual keyboard will not be as effective in my opinion since it has the letters in a two sided touch format. A virtual key that has one letter on one side of the button and another letter on the other side - thus you have to be careful how you touch the screen.

    I think the pearl screen is to small and does not have the full qwerty effect - outside of that I do not have a problem with it. Thus the curve falls right within the middle and gives you a little of both worlds without compromise.

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